All For One
All For One

Team Development Program

Team Journey Towards Success
Together Everyone Achieves More


“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

—Patrick Lencioni

Shake: Map the territory and create the rules. What is the purpose of this team? Who are we? What is the mission and what are the rules that define our interaction?

Squeeze : The collective is far better armed than the individual for coping with the pace of new information. Learn your collective strengths and capitalize on your differences.

Twist : Face the dragon. The most important currency for future in the interconnected, networked world is trust. Members have to be genuinely open and honest about their mistakes and successes to build a foundation for trust.

Splash: Tell the story. Create a collectively captured vision and shared frame of reference to gain motivation, accountability and results that exceed expectations.