See the Big Picture
See the Big Picture

Graphic Facilitation

Through Visual Listening Your Meetings Become More Productive, Supportive, Engaging And Fun


The content of this page is adapted from David Sibbet’s book: “Visual Meetings – how graphics, sticky notes & idea mapping can transform group productivity.” We are grateful to David and his colleagues at The Grove Consultants for their pioneering work and  for the excellent training we received upon starting our journey into the world of graphic facilitation.

Shake :  Visual comprehension is a large part of our thinking, according to research on learning and cognitive intelligence. Learn how visual collaboration works.

Squeeze : Purge outdated presentation tools and experience what the visualization revolution has in store for improving communication, group memory and meetings.

Twist : Real interactivity and engagement happens when people are listened to and recorded instantaneously in a graphic way. Fight the meeting disease!

Splash: Groups become smarter together when they can think in big picture formats that allow for comparison, pattern finding, idea mapping, seeing connections and sharing sense-making experiences.